Feb 08 2011

700th comment!

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Today you reached a blogging milestone as we posted our 700th comment on the class blog. The comment was posted by Rosa on How to be safer on the internet, and it read: “If a coment pops up you have to tell a teacher or a parent.”
Wise words, Rosa.

Here are some of my favourite comments which you have posted since the start of the school year.

how to pick a skab
first be brave
now pick the red bit
finally suffer the pain

Sofia on Instructions for an alien

How did Jack know how many beans his cow was worth?
He used a cowculator!

Miss Taylor on Questions for the giant

To mr gum do you want to come to my house to play butchers darts. from billy wiliam

Oscar on Dear…

If i was stranded on a desert island i would take, my house,a TV, a life-time suply of food and drink,a laptop and a plane to fly back home.

Luis on Stranded on a desert island

I am my family who love me.

Reuben on I am – an identity poem

A massive evil flower came over and bit the tree down,so he could plant in it’s place and eat the children.

Georgina on What could have happened?

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