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Jul 23 2011

End of the year statistics

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That’s it everyone, the end of year 3!

You’ve all had a great year and I’ve really enjoyed teaching you. Thank you all for your hard work this year and for contributing so much to our class blog. Here are the final statistics!

As of the 22nd July 2011, there have been…

3,148 visitors from

43 different countries.

1,160 comments were posted on our blog.





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Jul 01 2011

Free Viking show

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a free viking show which is taking place this weekend in Timperley (this is very close to Chorlton and South Manchester).

The show is part of the Altrincham Festival and takes place at the Timperley showgrounds on Saturday 2nd July. The Viking display starts at 1:30pm but there are other events beforehand.

I thought this might be a fun chance for you to see some ‘real life’ (of course it is people just pretending) vikings battling and there is even a chance for you to join in!

For more information about the Altrincham Festival, visit this website.

Have fun and tell us all about it if you go! 🙂

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Jun 21 2011

We can be heroes – just for one day!

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This morning, we came up with super hero / villain identities as part of our writing week.

What was your character called and what were their super powers?

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Mar 31 2011

Class Assembly

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On Thursday 31st March we performed our class assembly to parents, carers and children.
The class performed Harry Hill’s 3b burp, a variety show based on the popular TV programme. The assembly was based around the suggestions which the children had made on the blog and included dance, drama and plenty of opportunities for the children to write and perorm their own playscripts.
It was a great day, and the children were all extremely proud of themselves.

Thank you very much to Miss Anita, Miss Allen and Mrs Wilde for all of your help, and a huge thank you to all the parents and carers for practising lines with children, making costumes and of course, supporting them on the day! 


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Mar 22 2011

Class Assembly

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It is nearly time to start practising our class assembly. We will be including a lot of different topics and subjects in our performance and I already have lots of ideas. If you have other ideas about the sort of thing we could include, tell me!

Do you have an idea for a dance? A play? Some information about a topic? Write your comments below.

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Mar 04 2011

World Book Day

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What a fantastic effort by everyone to get involved and wear a character hat to school for World Book Day. Well done!

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Feb 08 2011

700th comment!

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Today you reached a blogging milestone as we posted our 700th comment on the class blog. The comment was posted by Rosa on How to be safer on the internet, and it read: “If a coment pops up you have to tell a teacher or a parent.”
Wise words, Rosa.

Here are some of my favourite comments which you have posted since the start of the school year.

how to pick a skab
first be brave
now pick the red bit
finally suffer the pain

Sofia on Instructions for an alien

How did Jack know how many beans his cow was worth?
He used a cowculator!

Miss Taylor on Questions for the giant

To mr gum do you want to come to my house to play butchers darts. from billy wiliam

Oscar on Dear…

If i was stranded on a desert island i would take, my house,a TV, a life-time suply of food and drink,a laptop and a plane to fly back home.

Luis on Stranded on a desert island

I am my family who love me.

Reuben on I am – an identity poem

A massive evil flower came over and bit the tree down,so he could plant in it’s place and eat the children.

Georgina on What could have happened?

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Jan 07 2011

New Year’s Resolutions

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At the start of a new year, traditionally, people like to think of a resolution or something they would like to do that year.

Usually, a resolution is something to do differently or to improve in the new year.

This year, my new year’s resolution is to try and keep my desk tidy.

What is yours?

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Dec 17 2010

Christmas Production

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Hi everyone! This took longer than I had hoped, but here are the pictures from our Christmas Production. It was a great performance by you all and it reflected all of the hard work that you put in. Well done, we were all very proud of you!

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Dec 01 2010

It’s snowing!

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It seems that everyone else in the country has been enjoying the snow, except us! Well now it is here, woohoo! 🙂

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