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Jul 12 2011

Memories of Year 3

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With the end of year just around the corner and Year 4 looming, I thought it would be nice for us to collect our memories of Year 3. Write down what things you can remember or what you enjoyed doing this year.

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Jul 01 2011

Exaggerated similes

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Some children from our class were lucky enough to do  a poetry workshop with Brian Moses. Afterwards, they taught us how to write an exaggerated simile poem.

Here is an example of one line.

My glorious gorilla is as talented as a singer doing backflips on a trampoline.

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May 03 2011

New topic – The Vikings!

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We are starting a new topic this term, all about The Vikings. You can find lots of new links in the history section which will help you research them.

Who were they?

What did they look like?

Where did they come from?

When did they live?

Why did they come to England?

How did they get here?

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Apr 21 2011

The sun has got his hat on!

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Wow! What glorious weather it is everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

Make sure you have got lots of sun cream on!

If you are reading this, then go outside and play in the sun! It is too nice to be sat at a computer!

Mr Alderdice 😎

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Apr 14 2011

Royal Wedding Homework

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Hi everyone.

Just a reminder about the whole school holiday homework.

In celebration of the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, we are all getting the day off (hooray!).

So, the school would like to know, what are you doing on that day?

Do you have any special plans? Will you be celebrating with family and friends? Are you having a street party? Are you just treating it like a normal day and going to the park? It doesn’t matter what you are doing, we just want to know. There is no right or wrong answer!

I’m going to Leeds on that day to watch my favourite rugby team, Castleford Tigers, play (and hopefully win).

I think I will also watch the wedding on TV as it is a hugely historic occasion.

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Mar 20 2011

Red Nose Day

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Well done everyone for bringing in your donations towards Comic Relief!

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Mar 15 2011

Red Nose Day Friday 18th March

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As you may know, this Friday is Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day is a day dedicated to raising money for Comic Relief. Comic Relief is a charity which raises money for people in the poorest communities in the UK and around the world. They help people by organising projects and giving them the chance to change their lives for the better.

On Friday, our school will be raising money by hosting a monster day where you can get dressed up and bring a donation (£1) for Comic Relief. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to get dressed up you can still donate money.

To find out more about Comic Relief and Red Nose Day, visit their website

Are you, or anyone else you know doing something special to raise money for Comic Relief? Leave a comment to tell us all about it.

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Mar 11 2011


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Our current topic is village settlers. We have been thinking about why people settled in this area in the past by looking at maps and natural features.

Now we are thinking about why people want to move to Chorlton.

What is there in Chorlton which makes it a good place to live?

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Feb 23 2011

Bonjour Henry

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This is Henry the teddy (or Teddy Henry if you use his full name). I met him yesterday and he has agreed to help me with my French while I am staying in Sallanches.

Apparently, Teddy Henry has been following me around for a while. I didn’t notice him. Did you? He says he was with me when I visited Annecy town centre.

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Feb 18 2011

Bonjour tout le monde!

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Hello everyone and greetings from France!

I hope you are all well and looking forward to your half-term holidays!

Here is a picture of the view from my window. It is so beautiful that I am lost for words.
Perhaps you can help me by writing some descriptive sentences.

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