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Jan 14 2011

Stranded on a desert island

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Recently, in literacy, we have been learning how to use commas. We have been thinking about what to do when we read them, how to use them to add more information and how to use them to write lists.

This post will give you chance to practise what you have been learning. So, if you were stranded on a desert island, what five things would you like to have?

Here is an example of the type of sentence I am looking for.

If I was stranded on a desert island, I would want a tent, some water, a pencil, some paper and some food.

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Dec 07 2010

Over to Theo…Rampaging run!

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Dec 07 2010

In other news…Jungle run!

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Dec 06 2010

Violins and Violas

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Good luck to all the violinists and violists from Year 3 who are performing tonight at The Zion Centre. Sorry I will be missing it. I am sure you will all be fab!

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Dec 02 2010

Christmas Production

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Our Christmas production is fast approaching; it is only next Friday!

Take a look at the homework page at the top to find the songs and words for you to practise at home.

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Nov 25 2010

Forum Theatre trip with Divine Mercy

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Today, we went on our first trip with The Divine Mercy R.C Primary School. It was great fun!

After getting a chance to introduce ourselves to the other school, we did some circus themed dance and drama activities. It was a really fun way to make new friends.

Here are some photos from our day (sorry if they are a bit blurry – we didn’t spend very much time sitting still!)

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Nov 23 2010

I am – an identity poem

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We have been thinking about our identities in preparation for the work we will be doing with the children from The Divine Mercy R.C Primary School this year.

We used the Orange phone adverts as inspiration and began to think about what makes us the people we are.

We thought about hobbies, interests, families and experiences and how all of these things shape the people we become.

Here are some of our ideas.

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Nov 16 2010

The Magic Faraway Tree

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Our new class novel is The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. It is a story about some children who travel up the Faraway Tree to lots of fantastic and exciting places.

They travel to topsy-turvy land where everything is the wrong way around, temper land, where everyone is cross, and many other wierd and wonderful places.

What lands can you imagine and what would they be like?

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Nov 12 2010

What could have happened?

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With the strong winds we had last night, one of the trees in our school grounds has been blown over! We know that this is what happened, but I want you to use your imagination to suggest what could have happened.

Your suggestions can be as wild and whacky as you can imagine. Think creatively and have fun!

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Nov 05 2010

Ancient Egyptian Portraits

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We painted some portraits in the style of the Ancient Egyptians. We used natural ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, cumin and paprika to mix paints.

Ancient Egyptian Portraits on PhotoPeach

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