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Jun 15 2011

School Grounds Week – Tree faces

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We began our lesson by looking at the shapes of tree. We decided that certain parts of trees looked like faces and we looked for interesting faces to share with our partners. Then, we used clay to make face sculptures on the trees themselves. We added natural materials which we had found on the floor […]

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Apr 13 2011

Yaaaaar 3b!

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Today we had a pirate day in class. This work was inspired by our geography unit as it included lots of map work. The children drew a map of the school grounds and then made it look like a treasure map by ripping, scrunching and staining it. They then came up with their own pirate […]

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Mar 23 2011

Time Team

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Today, we spent the day working with Brian, our artist in residence. He used our topic of Village Settlers to inspire some archaelogical work. We explored the woods in the school grounds for evidence of humans. We collected objects and documented our findings for a museum exhibition (in our school). Finally, we used the objects […]

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