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Jul 05 2011

Super hero pictures

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We produced these pieces of artwork as part of our super hero writing week. We used a real photo of ourselves and collaged over it to create a costume. We then added text in the style of comic books.

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Jul 01 2011

Free Viking show

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a free viking show which is taking place this weekend in Timperley (this is very close to Chorlton and South Manchester). The show is part of the Altrincham Festival and takes place at the Timperley showgrounds on Saturday 2nd July. The Viking display starts at […]

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Jun 21 2011

We can be heroes – just for one day!

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This morning, we came up with super hero / villain identities as part of our writing week. What was your character called and what were their super powers?

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Jun 16 2011

Bug hunt artwork

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Today we created a chalk bug hunt on the paving outside our classroom. We drew lots of invertebrates, grass, leaves, flowers and other woodland features. Then, we left questions up for other people to answer about our work. It was a nice opportunity to work outside of the classroom again and I was really impressed […]

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Jun 15 2011

School Grounds Week – Tree faces

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We began our lesson by looking at the shapes of tree. We decided that certain parts of trees looked like faces and we looked for interesting faces to share with our partners. Then, we used clay to make face sculptures on the trees themselves. We added natural materials which we had found on the floor […]

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Jun 14 2011

School grounds week – pond dipping

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School grounds week continues and today we did some pond dipping. Sadly, we didn’t catch any fish big enough to eat, but we did find lots of snails, leeches and beetles!

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Jun 14 2011

School Grounds Week – Bug hunt

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On Monday, we took part in a bug hunt as part of our school grounds week. As well as being a good opportunity to apply our maths and science knowledge, the bug hunt served an important purpose. The Natural History Museum is conducting a nationwide bug count and we decided to join in! The bug count is […]

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Jun 13 2011

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a muffin!

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On Friday it was our big breakfast. To raise money for school funds, our class made fruit muffins to sell. We worked really hard mixing the ingedients, baking them, designing posters to advertise them (Lucy’s poster inspired the title of this post) and finally selling them. The muffins were very popular and many people commented […]

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May 18 2011


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Here are the pictures which we made today (sorry about the silly music – I thought it would be funny!). We were learning about Viking clothing so we made ourselves look like Viking raiders.

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Nov 18 2010

French Footy Fun Trip – City of Manchester Stadium

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French Footy Fun (City of Manchester Stadium) on PhotoPeach On Thursday 18th November we went to the City of Manchester Stadium to practise some of our French language skills. As part of our exciting tour we were able to see the pitch, changing rooms and the press conference room. Throughout the morning we had chance […]

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