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Apr 05 2011

V for Vocabulary

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Today in literacy we were working on our vocabulary. This is part of a lot of work that we will be doing to improve our writing over the coming weeks. We wrote a poem with a repetitive line and tried to use interesting verbs. Can you write one of your favourite lines? Remember, each line […]

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Feb 08 2011

700th comment!

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Today you reached a blogging milestone as we posted our 700th comment on the class blog. The comment was posted by Rosa on How to be safer on the internet, and it read: “If a coment pops up you have to tell a teacher or a parent.” Wise words, Rosa. Here are some of my […]

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Nov 23 2010

I am – an identity poem

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We have been thinking about our identities in preparation for the work we will be doing with the children from The Divine Mercy R.C Primary School this year. We used the Orange phone adverts as inspiration and began to think about what makes us the people we are. We thought about hobbies, interests, families and […]

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Oct 18 2010

Mr Gum and the silly similes

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In our class we absolutely love the Mr Gum books. As we have been reading them, we have been thinking in particular about some of the hilarious similes which Andy Stanton (the author) uses. As part of our literacy work this week, we will be writing Mr Gum poems, using lots of similes to describe […]

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